Digital Marketing Communication in Chinese
is simple when you know how
Team 755
Solver Communication Group
Team 755 s.r.o. is a full-range digital marketing agency, а legal operator for a network of marketing, research and IT professionals set up in China, Russia and EU.

We offer a wide range of up-to-date methods and digital marketing tools to promote your business in China and a direct digital access/communication to a Chinese
business or vacation tourist in Europe.

A correct adaptation,
good Chinese
and cultural acceptance
of your communication with an end-user
are just as important
as a cost of placement,
or production,
or the reach of the audience

We handle them all

Detailed presentation of services, options and prices
and client references available upon request

Contact us when
You're responsible for a retail outlet in EU
and want your offer to be in a smartphone
of a Chinese tourist in your city
You're responsible for a brand
and want to promote it within a target group of Chinese tourists
You already have a good/bad experience with WeChat/Taobao/Baidu/Alipay
- to name just few -
and/or Chinese SMM/PR/KOLs,
and want to make them work better
You want to know if/what it worth trying
to enter Chinese market with your offer
You enter the P.R.C. market and need a hand in an up-to date promotion and analysis
Your offer is already on-shelf in China
and you want to communicate it with
the better sales results

We have an expertise in cross-cultural communications,
good skills, connections, partners
and daily experience
in launch and promotion of start-ups and products
"on-the-ground" in P.R.C.
We learn from the mistakes

so you do not have to
Key features:

Full scale SMM and PR with Chinese-speaking audience

Direct access to all major and many medium to small Chinese digital marketing tools and platforms popular in China and within Chinese visitors to Europe

Authorized marketing support for Alipay and WeChatPay (in some countries)
Access to raw marketing data on the widest range of mass and niche products and services in a real time and retrospective
Tools and solutions based on tailor made research, data development and analysis
Tailor made field and content studies. Reports on end-user behavior, product position within the sector and other
Focus groups on-line/offline
Competitive prices for content production and placement
Team755 s.r.o. IČO 06918336 +420 608 557 621
28. pluku 128/12 Praha 10100
Czech Republic
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